We Are Fasteners

Looking for technical data on a fastener? Not sure what diameter, head style or length required for your particular application? Do you need material and plating specifications? Begin your search here! Our on-line fastener Data Base has you covered from A-Z. Follow the link below to explore our extensive database of 60,000 types of fasteners!


  • Aerospace & Military Hardware: Fully Certified DFARS MS-NAS-AN Hardware. ALCOA Aerospace Authorized Distributor
  • Blind Rivets & Tools: Gesipa,Alcoa Marson,HUCK, Avdel
  • Captive Hardware: Self clinching studs & fasteners
  • Clips: Tinnerman U clips, BX clips, S clips, Specials
  • Eyelets: Stimpson Company
  • Hex Head Cap Screws: Grade 2,5,8, Stainless Steel, Monel - Any/All materials
  • Lock Nuts: SPS, Flexloc - Greer - Kaynar - ESNA
  • Lock Washers: ITW Shakeproof Authorized Distributor
  • Machine screws: All headstyles & lengths
  • Metric Fasteners: Bossard - All types & materials
  • Nuts: All types, All materials, All sizes
  • Pins: Dowel, Groove, Spring, Escutcheon, Taper, Cotter, All materials
  • Retaining Rings: Rotor Clip
  • Sems Screws: Int,Ext,Square Cone,Double Washer Flat/Lock, All materials
  • Socket Head Cap Screws: SPS - Unbrako - Kerr Lakeside-All materials
  • Socket Set Screws: Unbrako -Holokrome- Kerr LakesideAll materials
  • Springs: Associated Spring, Lee Spring
  • Stampings: Termax - U nuts, Push on nuts,Tinnerman/Palnut Specials
  • Tapping Screws & Wood Screws: Types A, AB, B, 23, 25, 17, F, Steel & Stainless Steel
  • Threaded Rod: All lengths, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Metric, ACME
  • Threaded Rolling Screws: Taptite(r) screws by Reminc(r) - Swageform - Rolok - Hi-Lo - Plastite Screws
  • Washers: Flat, Helical, Bellville, MS, AN, NAS, All materials

We Are Rivets

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